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How to Videos



Providing portable water filters to counrties who do not have safe drinking water. Grifaid water filters were looking for a short and informative video on how to use the filters.




With no need for replacement parts, maintaining the filter insures it will last for years to come. So grifaid water filters needed a short yet informative message that showcased how easy it was to maintain.


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Business/Customer Testimonials Videos


Testimonial videos showcase either employee or customer feedback of your product or service. They are more effective then written testimonials 

and help build trust within your clients.



Training/How to Videos

Training/how to videos focus on sharing internal procedure within the company or taking clients step by step through your product. Users retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video.



Legacy Videos


Legacy videos are documentary style films that showcase a life lived and shares lessons learned for generations to come. These emotionally packed films speak life challenges and how they were overcome leaving the viewer inspired and proud.


Social Media Promotions

  Promotional videos focus on your product or service and create an effective consumer awareness for your product . It can also be used to strategically lauch social media campaigns to target audiences 


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